About this site

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As a Washington native, I count myself fortunate to have grown up in a place so rugged and worthy of exploration, that guidebooks and maps were always an integral part of my life.  During the rainy, dark months that come with living on the Olympic Peninsula, I often found myself feasting on the writings of Robert L. Wood and methodically planning the next summer’s backpacking trips.  For me, this armchair exploration was a welcome escape from the daily grind and not only improved my appreciation of the places I visited, but also contributed as much enjoyment to life as the backpacking itself.

The Wonderland Trail is one of the greatest backpacking jewels of the Pacific Northwest, and it has served as a personal fascination ever since my older brother brought me along for a trip over Panhandle Gap when I was fifteen. Many years and trips around the mountain later, I’ve accumulated experiences on the trail in varying seasonal conditions along with thousands of photographs and notes. I decided to build this guidebook-style website as a source of inspiration and information for other folks interested in hiking the Wonderland Trail.

My goal for this site was to make a trail-focused guide that is rich in images and addresses the basic questions that most people have when preparing for a long backpacking trip. I hope you find it useful in planning your trip, and welcome any input or contributions from the community in making it a better resource for other hikers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions I get from this site are on the same topics. Please review these frequently asked questions and answers before writing.

What happened to your ebook?

I have stopped offering the downloadable e-book because I discovered quite a few people needed assistance learning to use their e-book readers, and I didn’t have the time to help with this. In the future I might revise and publish the book on Amazon, but for now, I’ve included much of the material for free on this website.  Also, the website offers a richer experience than can be had in e-book format.

I missed the deadline for early reservations.  Can you help me get reservations? How likely is it that I can get a walk-in permit?

I can’t help with reservations or most questions about reservations. In years past, walk-in permits were often easy to come by, but now the Wonderland Trail is an increasingly popular destination, and permits are in high demand. Contact Mount Rainier National Park for the best information on permits.

I’m flying to the Pacific Northwest.  How can I get to Mount Rainier without renting a car?

In a nutshell, you’ll either need to arrange private transportation with a cab, or just rent a car for the entire period of your hike.  It is quite challenging to get to the park without a car.

I’m trying to reach someone who’s currently hiking the trail. Can you help me get someone a message?

Contact the Mount Rainier National Park service if you need to reach someone on the trail due to an emergency. The department has systems in place for dealing with all types of situations, including reaching hikers in the backcountry. The author of this website does not have any ability to help with this or any other emergency situation in the park.

Can I reuse your photos?

Thanks for asking. Please contact me for licensing info. Explicit permission is required before repurposing my photos on the web.

Can I use your itinerary planner for a different trail?

The itinerary planner was not built to be easily reusable for different trails. If you run your own website and want to build a trip planner for a different trail, your best bet is to hire an experienced JavaScript developer.

Can I hire you to build an itinerary planner for a different trail?

Sorry, I don’t have the time for additional side projects. Check Craigslist for local freelance JavaScript developers.