The Wonderland Trail – Mount Rainier

The Complete Backpacker's Guide to Exploring the 93 Mile Trail

Backpacking General

Backcountry Safety

wilderness safety

The greatest danger on the Wonderland Trail, as well as any trail in the PNW, is hypothermia. Don’t wear cotton – only go for wool or synthetic fibers that can still insulate when wet. Make sure you always have a dry and warm change of clothes…

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Fitness – Preparing for a Long Distance Backpacking Trip

Running woman on trail in forest, motion blur

Being in excellent shape before you start the Wonderland Trail will greatly amplify your enjoyment of your vacation. In contrast to out of shape hikers, physically fit hikers enjoy the scenery more, get injured less frequently, and even see more wildlife (because they hike alertly and quietly). The average hiker will cover the 93 mile trail in…

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DIY Lightweight Backpacking Meals

Food pyramid isolated on white

Backpacking is a calorie intensive activity. Eating enough and eating the right foods is essential to having enough energy to enjoy your trip. Being hungry will make the trail seem like a punishment instead of an adventure and it will leave you lacking the energy to enjoy the magic and mystery of the mountain. The Wonderland Trail is best enjoyed on a full belly…

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Gearing up for extended Backpacking


For each of us, there is a weight limit where hiking turns from a pleasant walk to chore of hauling a backpack. A few years ago I had a Gregory backpack that weighed over five pounds, an REI two man tent that weighed another six, and a fifteen degree North Face sleeping bag that weighed another four…

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