Hiking Spray Park

Mount Rainier's Spray Park

While not part of the official Wonderland Trail, this is a popular alternate route to Ipsut Pass, offering unforgettable views without increasing mileage (but more difficult). Spray Park can be combined with the Wonderland Trail over Ipsut Pass to form a 2-day loop. These two trails can also be combined with the Northern Loop Trail to form a 5-7 day loop.

Hiking The Northern Loop Trail

Berkeley Park on the Northern Loop Trail - Mount Rainier Hiking Book

The Northern Loop trail is a 15.5 mile trail that both starts and ends on the Wonderland Trail, and provides access to the north-central area of the National Park. First-time Wonderland hikers likely wouldn’t want to miss the Wonderland Trail between Carbon River and near Berkeley Park. But the Northern Loop trail makes two additional 3 and 5/6 day loop hikes possible in the northern reaches of the park.